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The Five G strategy is to secure compelling middle-market growth and special situation investment and/or advisory opportunities throughout the US and Mexico, and partner with the optimal capital partner for each opportunity.

We harness our extensive experience to help entrepreneurs and management teams maneuver the myriad challenges which arise when trying to grow a company or navigate through a special situation in a highly competitive, complex, and evolving industry. This collective experience can benefit companies in the following ways:
  • Helping to solve or navigate challenging strategic issues facing a company

  • Leveraging our powerful, global, and broad personal networks

  • Resourcing a company appropriately to support growth or strategic initiatives

  • Building (or expanding) an engaged, candid, and supportive board of directors

  • Helping to recruit essential C-level executives

  • Identifying, facilitating, and providing (or arranging) capital for acquisitions

  • Tapping our extensive, long-term relationships with capital markets providers to facilitate outside capital raises or position a company for an attractive sale or IPO

Select Engagements

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
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