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Our Values

We endeavor to do business with and invest behind people who operate with the utmost integrity, emphasize the value of strong, trusted personal relationships, and look to build a collaborative company culture with an emphasis on superior results. Because we are "all in" to this relationship and partnership, we expect the same in return from the motivated, world class management teams and entrepreneurs in which we invest.

Partnership Mentality

First and foremost, we view our role as that of a supportive partner, not just an investor. The Five G Capital team quite literally grew up in entrepreneurial households and surrounded by family businesses, so we know first-hand the challenges associated with growing a company, from making critical executive hiring decisions and assembling a highly valuable board of directors, to navigating key strategic decisions or making a transformational acquisition. As investors, entrepreneurs, and executives, we have experienced many of the situations facing company leaders and understand the importance of being a candid, responsive, and collaborative partner.

We aim to complete only a few investments each year, so we are not only a highly selective investor but we are also able to devote a substantial amount of our time, resources, and personal networks toward our role as a good partner. Further, because we are not a traditional, institutional private equity fund, we are unrestrained from any outside force which may impact our ability to act in the absolute best interest of companies in which we invest. And we are often investing a significant amount of our own capital in each investment, unlike many private equity funds whose partners often invest only a de minimis amount of their own capital in each investment. We know of no better way to show our management team partners that we're on the same side of the table than by personally sharing the downside and upside of an investment in a big way.


WHY Five G

Five G Capital is a private merchant banking firm which takes a targeted, thematic approach to partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs and executives to invest in growth capital and acquire special situation investment opportunities.

We have the flexibility to provide debt, pursue control, non-control, and growth equity investments across the United States, and unlike a traditional private equity fund, we do not have institutional funding sources who may impose parameters on our investment style, fund raising cycle, or timing for exiting an investment. As investors, entrepreneurs, and company leaders, and we look to harness that collective experience to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs and management teams as they grow their unique businesses.

Experienced Investment Partner

We harness our extensive experience to help entrepreneurs and management teams maneuver the myriad challenges which arise when trying to grow a company or navigate through a special situation in a highly competitive, complex, and evolving industry. This collective experience can benefit companies in the following ways:

  • Helping to solve or navigate challenging strategic issues facing a company

  • Leveraging our powerful, global, and broad personal networks

  • Resourcing a company appropriately to support growth or strategic initiatives

  • Building (or expanding) an engaged, candid, and supportive board of directors

  • Helping to recruit essential C-level executives

  • Identifying, facilitating, and providing (or arranging) capital for acquisitions

  • Tapping our extensive, long-term relationships with capital markets providers to facilitate outside capital raises or position a company for an attractive sale or IPO

Highly Attentive Partner

We aim to complete a handful of investments per year and therefore can devote a substantial amount of time and attention to the needs of a company. Moreover, our extensive investment and executive experience has solidified our view that needless meddling in the affairs of management teams is counterproductive. As investor partners, we are not the CEO and we don't run the company—we are aligned with the company leaders and maintain elevated respect for their time and resources. We are available when you need us, not when we think that you need us.

Generous Equity Incentives

Whether we are a minority or majority investor, we are always proponents of equity incentive plans which empower management teams, align interests, and provide significant economic upside for superior results. This framework has been an enduring tenet of every investment and company in which we have been involved.

A Merchant Banking Firm

Because Five G Capital is a merchant banking firm and not a traditional private equity firm, we have enhanced flexibility with our investment structures, the ability to be more nimble during the investment process, and our timing for exiting an investment is not governed or impacted by the need to raise subsequent pools of capital. And because we are a small group, the people with whom you interact are the decision makers who speak for the firm.

Reference Us

As the investment process moves along, we are not only open to prospective management team and entrepreneur partners speaking with our references, but we encourage it. We invite you to call any entrepreneur, company executive, or even service provider with whom we've worked  and you will hear the same thing—"great partner, and they were on our side of the table, regardless of circumstance, every step of the way."


We are industry agnostic, but selectively pursue growth and special situation investment opportunities across the United States. Although we have a broad investment mandate, we have a focus on the following company traits:

Company Traits

  • Energized, highly capable management team

  • Profitable, growth-oriented private companies with established, proven business models

  • Defensible competitive positioning

  • Manageable seasonality, cyclicality, and commodity risk

  • Recurring revenue business models with strong free cash flow are a plus

  • Market leadership or path to market leadership with attractive medium-to-long-term industry fundamentals

  • Particular affinity for companies 

  • Smaller platform with many of these characteristics in an industry ripe for consolidation coupled with a proven and highly competent management team

Transaction Structures

  • Primarily equity capital, but will selectively consider debt opportunities

  • Minority and control transactions

  • Ideally the first institutional capital

  • Capital used to:

    • Fund organic or acquisition-led growth

    • Recapitalize a company, buyout a shareholder, diversify founders' net worth

    • Acquire a minority piece of a business from founders or other shareholders

  • Economic alignment with company leaders through significant equity incentive plans tied to superior company performance

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Prior Investments

Current Investments

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"Bobby and his team at Five G Capital really took the time to understand our business and provided excellent guidance on the structure of our intended acquisition. He and his team completed their underwriting on time and investment as promised. Since closing they have offered a number of strategic and operational suggestions, and delivered on everything they said they would. Me and my entire management team are very impressed and look forward to working with Five G Capital on our next acquisition."


Timothy Dutton,

Senior Vice President - Perennial Companies, Inc.

January, 2019



“Within days of reaching out to Bobby for additional expertise for an acquisition of a company which was part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding, he developed a strategy to accomplish our client’s objective, submitted a timely compelling bid, and secured multiple competitive financing proposals. I would highly recommend 5G.“

Michelle Moreno, CFA

Managing Director - Dresner Partners

April, 2018

Mike Haridopolos


Robert G. Goldstein

312-902-5287 (Direct)

312-560-0836 (Mobile)

Mr. Goldstein has over 25 years of experience in private equity and capital markets for middle market companies. Prior to founding Five G Capital Partners, he was a Principal at Victory Park Capital Advisors responsible for origination, structuring, execution of direct private debt and equity investments in middle market companies and joint ventures. Mr. Goldstein served as member of the board of directors on a number of Victory Park portfolio companies.

Previously, Mr. Goldstein was founder and managing partner of New Trier Partners, LLC, a Chicago based private equity firm. At New Trier Partners, LLC, he was responsible for originating, executing and portfolio management of the firm’s direct equity investments in middle market companies and real estate investments as well as originating and structuring the firm’s equity investment in a federally regulated mortgage banking platform which was successfully sold to a regional bank. Prior to founding New Trier Partners, LLC, he served as a transactional attorney and co-managing partner at Levenfeld Pearlstein, a Chicago-based, middle market law firm. Before practicing law, Mr. Goldstein was a registered Certified Public Accountant in Illinois while working in the audit and tax groups at KPMG LLP.

Mr. Goldstein received a B.S. in business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and a J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law. He previously served as the vice chair of the Business Economic Development Committee of the City of Highland Park, IL. Mr. Goldstein is a member of the Illinois bar.

Mike Haridopolos

312-902-5287 (Direct)

321-525-1861 (Mobile)

Mr. Haridopolos is a former member of both the Florida Senate and Florida House. He was elected by his fellow senators and served as Senate President from 2010-2012. During his tenure as President, Florida faced a $4 billion budget shortfall, home foreclosures, and rising unemployment rates. Under his leadership, Mr. Haridopolos guided   members of the House and Senate and then new Governor Rick Scott, to balance its budget, without raising taxes. During his tenure as Senate President, he was also instrumental in reforming the Medicaid system, pensions, auto insurance and addressed the prescription drug crisis.

As founder of MJH Consulting, Mr. Haridopolos consults for over 30 companies around the nation. He provides management and strategy consulting among a broad array of industries, including, transportation, legal, gaming, aviation, agriculture, education, health care, communication technologies, space, motor sports, and medicine. 


Mr. Haridopolos is a former college professor for almost 20 years at the University of Florida and Eastern Florida State where he taught political science and history. He has authored three books on politics and is currently working on a fourth. Mr. Haridopolos received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stetson University in History and his Master of Arts degree in History from the University of Arkansas.


Mr. Pine has been involved in over 1 billion dollars of corporate M&A and real estate transactions for private equity funds, family offices, REITs, private individuals, opportunistic funds, and entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Five G Capital Partners, he was an associate at two tier 1 law firms where he was responsible for all aspects of both real estate and corporate M&A deals. 

Mr. Pine received a B.S. in business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and a J.D. from the University of Illinois College of Law where he graduated magna cum laude. Mr. Pine is a member of the Illinois bar and is an associate board member of the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation.

Vince Pine

312-902-5287 (Direct)


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Mike Haridopolos Joins Five G Capital 

Five G Capital Partners, LLC ("Five G") announced today that former Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos has joined Five G as a Senior Managing Director and Chairman of Five G's Advisory Board.

"Since retiring from the Florida Senate in 2012 after a very successful and highly productive political career spanning more than 14 years (the last four as Senate President), Mike has been an active lobbyist and consultant successfully guiding companies through complex State and Federal political issues and bureaucratic red-tape," said Robert Goldstein, Founder and Managing Partner of Five G Capital. "Over the past several years, I have collaborated on multiple projects with Mike and am repeatedly impressed by his ability to create tangible and accretive value. As Five G Capital continues to grow its investment portfolio, it only made sense to formalize our working relationship by inviting Mike to join our team and lead our advisory board."

"I am looking forward to bringing my many years of legislative experience and public service to current Five G investments, and actively help the Five G team pursue and originate new investment opportunities leveraging many longstanding relationships I've made within the private sector," said Former Florida State Senate President Mike Haridopolos. "I am continually impressed with the Five G platform and business model. Bobby and I work very well together, and our collective skill sets are extremely synergistic. I look forward to what the future holds as we head into 2020."

Five G Capital Invests In Perennial Companies, Inc. Chicago, IL – September 12, 2018 – Five G Capital Partners, LLC (“5G”) announced today that it has completed its investment in Perennial Companies, Inc. (the “Company”). Together with Christina Rashid and existing management, the Company completed the acquisition of select assets of a Midwest based commercial landscaping design, exterior property maintenance services and snowplowing business. The Company provides commercial landscape design and exterior property maintenance services (including snow removal) throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. The Company’s clients include prominent financial institutions, commercial real estate owners, developers and property managers of office buildings, shopping centers, malls, multi-family apartment buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities and homeowner associations. “We are excited to partner with Christina Rashid, CEO of Lotos Groupe, LLC on this opportunity. Chris is an incredibly talented senior executive, with a long track record of successful investments,” said Robert Goldstein, Managing Partner at 5G. “Perennial has an exceptionally promising future and we look forward to supporting the Company’s management team and actively participating in its organic and strategic growth. The Company now has the resources and expertise to take the Company to the next level while it continues to focus on design creativity, superior client service and excellent record of safety.”


ABOUT FIVE G CAPITAL Five G Capital Partners, LLC, headquartered in Chicago, IL was founded earlier this year as a middle-market merchant banking firm. 5G’s strategy is to secure compelling middle-market growth and special situation investment and/or advisory opportunities throughout the US and Mexico, and partner with the optimal capital partner for each opportunity. Perennial Companies, Inc. is the third successful transaction closed this year by 5G. Earlier this year, 5G partnered with a $2.2 billion private equity fund to acquire an iconic brand of 250 QSRs. In addition, earlier this year, 5G also advised a private company on a merger in the aviation industry and secured favorable acquisition financing. Please visit FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Robert G. Goldstein, Managing Partner Five G Capital Partners, LLC 525 West Monroe Street, Suite 1900 Chicago, IL 60661-3693 312-560-0836


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