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The Power of Five G Capital

Five G Capital is a Chicago based merchant bank that invests, consults and restructures private middle market companies, emerging markets and special situations investment opportunities. Five G Capital invests its own and raises private capital through its long standing established relationships with retail, institutional and private investment groups located throughout the United States. These sources include high net worth individuals, family offices, senior lenders, alternative asset managers and private equity groups.

We have the flexibility to provide debt, pursue control, non-control, and growth equity investments across the United States, and unlike a traditional private equity fund, we do not have institutional funding sources who may impose parameters on our investment style, fund raising cycle, or timing for exiting an investment. As investors, entrepreneurs, and company leaders, and we look to harness that collective experience to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs and management teams as they grow their unique businesses.

Why Partner with Five G Capital

Highly Attentive Partner

We aim to complete a handful of investments per year and therefore can devote a substantial amount of time and attention to the needs of a company. Moreover, our extensive investment and executive experience has solidified our view that needless meddling in the affairs of management teams is counterproductive. As investor partners, we are not the CEO and we don't run the company—we are aligned with the company leaders and maintain elevated respect for their time and resources. We are available when you need us, not when we think that you need us.

Generous Equity Incentives

Whether we are a minority or majority investor, we are always proponents of equity incentive plans which empower management teams, align interests, and provide significant economic upside for superior results. This framework has been an enduring tenet of every investment and company in which we have been involved.

A Merchant Banking Firm

Because Five G Capital is a merchant banking firm and not a traditional private equity firm, we have enhanced flexibility with our investment structures, the ability to be more nimble during the investment process, and our timing for exiting an investment is not governed or impacted by the need to raise subsequent pools of capital. And because we are a small group, the people with whom you interact are the decision makers who speak for the firm.


Financial & Management Advisory

The world is changing rapidly. Today’s business leaders and owners must think more strategically and look at all aspects of changing business landscape and potential impact to the bottom line. Five G Capital offers guidance to determine:​
  • Does the enterprise have the best asset mix?

  • Is the enterprise funding the right projects and initiatives?

  • How should the enterprise best fund capital investments?

  • How should ownership and leadership instill and enhance investor and financial stakeholders confidence?

​With combined C level financial and management experience we support better decision making around financial and critical business decisions by:
  • ​Devising and comparing financial plans and deliver approaches

  • Providing strategic alternatives to help identify , quantify and compare impact of various alternatives to create long term stakeholder value

  • Offering data driven framework and analysis critical to assess decision making from a financial, operational and tax perspective

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